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Watching Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson in The Skins Game on television, I noticed one thing they all have in common: an almost perfectly square stance. When they set up to the ball, their eyes, shoulders, hips and feet are aligned parallel with the target line. What they do is preset the body in a position to make a full swing and return the club squarely to the ball.

When you’re trying to hit the ball straight, this square setup is ideal. When looking for extra distance, I recommend what I call “The Power Stance”. Set up with your eyes, shoulders and hips parallel with the target line-and pull back your right foot three or four inches inside that line. This slight modification will allow your right hip to move more freely away from the ball so that you can make a bigger turn and fuller arm swing, which gives you more club head speed through impact and more distance.

I continually tell my students that they don’t swing the left arm far enough around the body. And they continually tell me that they are afraid that if they do that, they’ll miss the ball. They’re just following the path of least resistance. To hit the ball farther, try trusting your swing and using my power stance.

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