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Here are just a few of the Testimonials from one of Golf’s Living Legend

ken duke

Bob Toski has changed my life, changed my swing, and the consistency is night and day. And it’s just been great. It’s fun to play golf. You’re not fighting it all the time…How can you not (play well) after working with Bob. The guy is a legend. He always tells me something different, that’s the beauty of what he does.

 – Ken Duke Travelers Championship Winner 2013




You are a remarkable man! I suspected that from our initial introduction. There is a quality in you that is rare among human beings, and it is that you are able to give of yourself to others even though, more often than not, there is nothing forthcoming in return.

 -  Sidney Poitier






I wanted to say that you were just about the most important pioneer in golf magazine publishing, that you were integral to the development of written golf instruction, that you are the most creative, innovative teacher ever to grace the pages of Golf Digest, That you “invented” the Golf instruction school concept, that you were the last great player (in the footsteps of Tommy Armour, Paul Runyan and Claude Harmon) to dedicate himself to teaching golf. That you were the first of the modern tour guru, that you are to the teaching profession what Palmer is to the pro tour, That you wrote the best book I’ve ever read on golf instruction…..and that you are one of the finest human beings ever to play the game. And you’re a helluva friend.

– Jerry Tarde Editor and Chief Golf Digest





How very nice of you to always show up at parties for me. You are a dear friend and a great golf teacher. “The Best.”

– Lord Byron Nelson





(Earl Nightingale – Marine that survived Pearl Harbor on the USS Arizona and Personal Development Speaker)


EarlNightengale black and white

Bob Toski, as most golf pro’s will tell you, is one of the greatest teaching professionals of all

time…perhaps the very best that has ever lived…In fifteen minutes he tought me more about the golf swing than I’d learned in the proceeding fifteen years from some of the best people in the game.

Good golf, like good living, takes a kind of dynamic relaxation. It takes confidence and rhythm and timing. And it takes a good instructor. In golf the greatest instructor has to be Bob Toski.


If you would like to book a lesson by the hour or for a full day with Bob Toski then call 561-883-0338 or submit an email HERE.