January 9, 1953

January 9, 1953

My Darling Lynn,

What a beautiful day it was here in Monterey!! For a change it was beautiful. My partner and I had some pictures taken this morning before we teed off with a “Minute Maid” girl from Crosby’s Orange Juice firm. Will send you one if they come out decent enough.

Ate dinner with Ed Frugal and Ted Kroll tonight. I’m passing up my date with Bob Leman at his lodge because I would rather write you and tell you how much I miss you darling and that I love you more every day that I’m apart from you.

I’m hearing a report on the radio, and they are telling of the cold wave in Florida. You’re going to be in a cold spell for some time I guess… I’ll be down shortly to keep you warm. I am just the man that can do it!!

It was real wonderful talking to you Lynn! One feels like he could really accomplish something when he talks to you. I was happy to hear the news from your mother & father.

I played decent yesterday but I was not satisfied as I must do better. I practiced for three and a half hours and was so sore in my hands that I have to bathe them at night. I’m going to conquer this game if it takes every ounce of strength that I possess.

I’m hoping you enjoy the program that you will receive shortly. I’m looking forward to your letter dear as I really look forward to them.

Lynn darling I can’t wait for us to be together someday… How I yearn to hold you, look at you, and kiss your wonderful lips and tell you how much I have loved you and wanted you.

Be Sweet and a good girl for Robert! I’ll be thinking about you and hoping your well and happy. I’ll be out doing my best tomorrow.

Goodnight Darling!

My Love Always,

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