January 7, 1953

January 7, 1953

Lynn Darling,

I received your letter dated January 1st and have read it only twice since I have received it at 5 o’clock. What words come forth tonight in this letter will be of comforting feeling to me and I hope and pray to you.

First of all darling I want you to know how much I am in love with you and how much you mean to me as every hour passes in every day. What your letter means to me and how much I look forward to receiving them.

If you could just imagine how I suffer when I played poorly and how much I dearly want to play well for you, myself, and my family and friends, you would then realize how hard I try. Lynn I want you to realize how much I want you and I to be together forever, regardless what may happen or whatever obstacle may come before you and me. I wanted you to realize that you mean more to me than anything you could possibly realize and with God’s help and he knows I need him, that we will be happy together.

I don’t want you to feel like you owe me anything, but you’re wonderful love and dedication. I want you to realize that I want you to be happy and have all the nice things that you deserve and that I want you to have someday and hope I can give you. I’m saying these things to you tonight dear because I am bleeding inside for you and those that I love who are near and dear to me. Those you know! Right now as I am sending these words to you I shed a tear and feel in my heart a gladness that makes me do these things because I have found you and pray that you
are with me.

Lynn, please keep those words in your heart, please if you cannot guard those papers safely, destroy them, but please remember what they are sending you and this form of writing. How one could love someone so dearly only God will ever know. But love will have no significance unless faith cannot accompany it.

I hope you like the gift you receive which should arrive about the time that the letter does. The tournament starts Friday and ends Sunday. My best efforts will
be put forward and with God’s help I hope to succeed this weekend.

I have been doing nothing but eating, sleeping, practicing and playing. Harry says “hello and sends his best regards”. Lynn, I shall say good night and wish you good health and happiness while I am so far away. Be sweet and a good girl and take care of yourself. I love you Lynn more than you’ll ever know and miss you more than that.

I remember you in my prayers and hope that God hears them.

I love you Bob

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