January 04, 1952

January 04, 1952

Lynn darling,

It seems that the only pleasure I am getting out of living lately is writing you and telling you dear how much I am longing for you! Lynn, I am missing you much more than I ever could realize. I’m terribly sorry to say that I withdrew after my second round of play in Los Angeles and here I am in “Carmel by the Sea”. I arrived at 6:30 this evening, was washed, then went out and had some Mexican food. Right back to my bungalow and on with my correspondence to you. I was disappointed and discouraged at the way things happened there in LA so I thought I had better leave the atmosphere for brighter spots.

Harry was doing well but played poorly today, so he will be up here tomorrow. Ted Kroll said hello and wish you all the best. You are probably wondering what score I came in with Saturday. I shot 76 and then packed my gear and took off. I felt so badly because I promise you I would play well and didn’t. I never tried so hard and did so poorly.

Please do not be angry with me or feel that I neglected my game. I have been training very strenuously and try my best to do so well for you.

I look at the photograph every day and wish I were back there with you. I showed your photograph to Jim Moore who is staying with me this evening. He had seen you in Miami Springs and said your picture didn’t do you justice. He had thought that you were much better looking in person!

Yesterday I talked with Howard Copps who is in charge of the “Desert Inn” in Las Vegas, Nevada and I told him that I would like very much to go out that way next spring or summer. He was thrilled at the idea and said that he would welcome any one came with me. The place is fabulous and a great place for a honeymoon. His wife and I are real good friends and she said I should get married right away.

Well how is my girl? Are you well and happy? I hope you are dear and not working too hard. I just can’t help but to read your letters over and over and tell you how warm they make me feel inside.

Yes! I remember every little thing we said before I left. I meant every word I said and hope that you are with me Lynn as I need you!

Have you heard from your mom and dad yet? Have they had any comment on what you have told them? Please be honest and tell me if they did say anything. It means a lot to me.

Met Phil Harris and Vic Mature yesterday and we had a little duet. He is a great guy and loves golfers. Vic Mature plays very poorly. Phil is not a bad player at all. He is going to play in the Cosby Tournament.

The reason I am writing on both sides of this paper is because if I didn’t it would be much too thick to try and fit in the envelope.

Anyway, I am trying to be as conservative like you. My best to Olga. Tell her I miss her cooking.

My Red Lincoln misses you and it’s all shined up again. That seat seems so lonely and empty. Lynn, I will say good night and say a prayer for you my darling tonight. Went to mass this morning. I hope that you are missing me and still care for your upcoming professional. I will try and do real well for you here. Keep on writing, as I am anxiously waiting to hear from you. I love you always.

God bless you dear,
Love Bob.

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