December 23, 1953

December 23, 1953

Dearest Lynn!

We have finally arrived in El Paso after traveling 757 miles today. Attended mass at seven and then proceeded to really burn up the highway.

Must of heard “Silent Night” at least 25 times and sang louder and higher each time I heard it. I was singing all day long.

A beautiful day for driving. Not much traffic and the roads were real good. The “Truth and Consequences” program was terrific tonight. They called up all the service men and let them call home. There were about 26 in all and they had three fella’s from Britain who called home also. Very touching and quite dramatic.
Will be in California sometime tomorrow night and in Los Angeles on Saturday morning. I’m going to win the LA open for one person.

~Miss Lynn Stewart~

Miss you terribly. Hope you’re feeling well and taking care of yourself. My best to Olga! She’s a great cook and a great girl.

Took another look at your pictures and the then showed it to Harry! He said you had a beautiful chin! He said he misses you!!

Please tell me what Santa Claus brought you. Have you written your mom and dad yet?

I’m happy a letter awaits me when I reach Riviera Country Club. I’m looking forward to it very much.

Goodnight Lynn, Be sweet, and I will write again soon. Please be good and take good care.

All my love,

I love you!!!

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