December 29, 1952

December 29, 1952

My Dearest Lynn,

A very lonely and tired man is writing to a woman whom he cares for very dearly. I am preparing for bed and I have just showered. Harry just asked me whom I was writing to and I told him who I was sending this to in Miami. He did not approve because he said I just talked to you on the phone. Was real wonderful. Your voice was very clear and heartwarming.

I am going to send Olga one of those pull over Saks sweaters for Christmas. Only she won’t receive it until later. Lynn I can’t tell you how much I missed you today and after I said goodbye. I hope and pray that you feel the same as I depend upon you so much. If you feel like you have made a mistake please tell me as I wouldn’t bear to go on like this because I mean every expression I write forth to you!

This is going to be a real lonely and meloncaly Christmas. I can’t tell you how much being with you would mean to me. I’m going to miss you terribly tomorrow night and hope and pray that you miss me. Lynn I love you so much that it tears my heart every time I write a word, thinking how much I wish I was with you. Even my Red Lincoln misses you. That seat seemed so lonely the last two days.

A cop stopped me today! Said I look like a fellow with a stolen car. Gangster Toski!

Please be sweet and take good care of yourself. Ill be thinking of you often and wishing you were with me. Merry Christmas Lynn darling! Olga also! I hope Santa is good to you both of you! You deserve the best.

God bless you dear!
All my love,

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