December 22, 1953

December 22, 1953

Hello darling,

What a wonderful day for Robert! I received two wonderful letters from one Lynn Stewart. So I had to call and tell how much I was enthused about what you had said. Your love made me very happy on your decision, and I am sure you will not regret it.

Harry and I just arrived back from eating dinner. It’s been raining all day and has been for the past two days. This is California rainy season! Played well today and hope I can continue to improve as it will make me very happy.

Lynn, I can’t tell you how much I waited for those letters! I was so happy that I read them over and over and that photograph was terrific! You look terrific there!! That’s my gal! Take a look at her. “She belongs to me”. Ever heard that number? “Nat King Cole” saw him out here last year! He’s terrific!

I hope you like the “little gift” I’m sending you. It’s not much dear, but my hearts there with it. It was just a little idea that I thought you would like remembering me by every time you see me! Red too! Missing you terribly and that picture doesn’t help matters! You shall have those shirts soon!. 15 1/2 – 33 aren’t they. Right!! Hope so.

I’m glad you haven’t told your mom and dad about me in that respect and know that things will work out. I’m not worried about that so much as I worry about you. Afraid someone might run off with you. You son of a gun you!

Thank you for the Christmas card. The quotation in the inside was very touching. Received a card from Paul Hahn. He’s quite the boy. Sat around the club today with Jack Burke and some of the boys and their wives and kept thinking how much I wanted you aside of me. Ate my heart out.

I shall pray that you are happy and well, and that I play real well here for you! I love you dearly and miss you oh so much! Please be sweet and nice for me. I know you will and I shall do like-wise.

Goodnight Lynn and I shall write you again real soon!

All My Love Dear,

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