Love letter

January 9, 1953

My Darling Lynn, What a beautiful day it was here in Monterey!! For a change it was beautiful. My partner and I had some pictures taken this morning before we teed off with a “Minute Maid” girl from Crosby’s Orange Juice firm. Will send you one if they come out decent enough. Ate dinner with Ed Frugal and Ted Kroll tonight. I’m passing up my date with Bob Leman at his lodge because I would rather write you and tell you how much I miss you darling and that I love you more every... »Read more [...]

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January 7, 1953

Lynn Darling, I received your letter dated January 1st and have read it only twice since I have received it at 5 o'clock. What words come forth tonight in this letter will be of comforting feeling to me and I hope and pray to you. First of all darling I want you to know how much I am in love with you and how much you mean to me as every hour passes in every day. What your letter means to me and how much I look forward to receiving them. If you could just imagine how I suffer when I played... »Read more [...]

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December 23, 1953

Dearest Lynn! We have finally arrived in El Paso after traveling 757 miles today. Attended mass at seven and then proceeded to really burn up the highway. Must of heard “Silent Night” at least 25 times and sang louder and higher each time I heard it. I was singing all day long. A beautiful day for driving. Not much traffic and the roads were real good. The “Truth and Consequences” program was terrific tonight. They called up all the service men and let them call home. There were... »Read more [...]

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December 22, 1953

Hello darling, What a wonderful day for Robert! I received two wonderful letters from one Lynn Stewart. So I had to call and tell how much I was enthused about what you had said. Your love made me very happy on your decision, and I am sure you will not regret it. Harry and I just arrived back from eating dinner. It's been raining all day and has been for the past two days. This is California rainy season! Played well today and hope I can continue to improve as it will make me very happy. Lynn,... »Read more [...]

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January 04, 1952

Lynn darling, It seems that the only pleasure I am getting out of living lately is writing you and telling you dear how much I am longing for you! Lynn, I am missing you much more than I ever could realize. I'm terribly sorry to say that I withdrew after my second round of play in Los Angeles and here I am in “Carmel by the Sea”. I arrived at 6:30 this evening, was washed, then went out and had some Mexican food. Right back to my bungalow and on with my correspondence to you. I was disappointed... »Read more [...]

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