Club Selection Dilemmas

What do you do when you’re in-between clubs? Do you take more club and hit it easy, or do you take less stick and put a little heat on it?This is a serious problem for most of us golfers, because it happens so often in a round. If you hit your 7-iron 140 yards and your 6-iron 150 yards, how do you play a 145- yard shot? A tour player under those circumstances would probably opt for the shorter club and hit it harder. If you’re like most amateurs, you probably do the same thin, with less success.... »Read more [...]

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Cheap Putting Lesson

I’ve found a way to improve your putting for only $3.79. Actually, Gardner Dickinson showed me his, and I was so impressed that I went out and bought one for myself. What I’m talking about is a chalk line reel, the tool used by carpenters to draw a straight line with chalked string. What you do is use it to put a line on the putting green running down the middle of a straight-in putt. Then you practice stroking the ball along that line. What you’ll notice immediately is that the reason you... »Read more [...]

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The Power Stance

Watching Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson in The Skins Game on television, I noticed one thing they all have in common: an almost perfectly square stance. When they set up to the ball, their eyes, shoulders, hips and feet are aligned parallel with the target line. What they do is preset the body in a position to make a full swing and return the club squarely to the ball.When you’re trying to hit the ball straight, this square setup is ideal. When looking for extra distance,... »Read more [...]

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What is Form?

Some golfers try so hard to develop a certain, particular, exact and proper form of swinging. But what is form? Do you think Julius Boros’ form is like Gene Littler’s form; or Littler’s form is like Miller Barber’s form; or Barber’s form is like Ben Hogan’s is like Sam Snead’s or Lee Trevino’s or Jack Nicklaus? I get pupils who are so worried about form that their minds won’t let their bodies perform efficiently. A student who wants his legs to work like Nicklaus’ tunes me out... »Read more [...]

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Playing the Bump'n Run

Watching the U. S. Open this year, I was reminded that chipping has become a dying art. The heavy rough and bunkers surrounding the greens at Oakmont and other Open courses have put chip shots on the “endangered species” list. The old Scottish bump-and-run pro’s used to be chipping masters, but the young tour pros today are not versatile chippers because of the way courses now are designed, maintained and – all too often set up. Most amateurs don’t realize the variety of chip shots they... »Read more [...]

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