About Bob Toski

Born in Haydenville, Massachusetts on September 18, 1926, Bob Toski was one of nine children raised by his father after his mother died when he was six years old. His older sister’s took on the mother role to help his father raise the children. Bob and his family became even closer and tightknit after his mother’s death.

He learned to play golf at Northampton Country Club, where he caddied for two of his eldest brothers who were assistant professionals at the club. Bob joined the PGA Tour in 1949 and gradually worked his way to the top. The tournament win with the “greatest personal impact” for Bob Toski was the 1953 Havana Invitational.

Toski recalled the moment: I was desperate, nearly broke, and my bride-to-be had arrived to watch me play. I led the tournament for three days, but I needed a birdie on the last hole to win. I had to hit a 4-iron second shot between two palm trees and then move it left to right.

Bob Tosky

I couldn’t see where it landed, but the gallery came roaring toward me, holding their hands about two feet apart. I made that two-footer to win the tournament and $1,500. He became the lead money winner for the 1954 season winning. 1954 becoming a great year for Toski, he married his beautiful bride Jacqueline Stewart. They started a family while he traveled on tour and had 3 sons, Robert, Bruce, and Scot. At his peak as a player he weighed only 118 pounds with his trademark white cap on and was best known as the longest hitter pound for pound in pro golf. But with three young children and wife of his own, he chose to leave the Tour when he was 30 years old to spend more time with his family. He moved to South Florida and took a series of club professional jobs in Miami and Key Largo.

Where he later found renewed fame as a leading golf coach, helping pros such as Tom Kite, Bruce Cramtom and Judy Rankin to name a few. Toski has written more than a dozen books on golf including Beginner’s Guide to Golf, The Touch System for Better Golf, and Bob Toski’s Complete Guide to Better Golf. He also produced a videotape, Toski Teaches Golf and made some of the first ever golf instruction videos. Bob collaborated with a TeleGolf to bring his teaching to lessons to life to students that might once have never been able to learn from Toski. Toski joined Golf Digest magazine in 1960 as a member of its Advisory Panel. In 1971, he initiated the Golf Digest instructional schools, of which there are more than 150 such schools all over the world.

In the early 1980′s he was a regular on NBC Sports telecast. Toski began playing on the Senior PGA Tour (now Champions Tour). He was the first living instructor inducted into the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame and he is also a member of the National Polish-American Hall of Fame.Now 86 years young, Bob is as energetic and passionate about golf as anyone you’ll ever meet. He is a force of nature. Bob Toski knows more about golf than all of the assorted gurus and swing doctors combined. Feelings are important to Bob Toski. They are central to his congenial personality and to the success and popularity he enjoys in the game of golf as a participant, teacher and its goodwill ambassador. Bob still continues to teach golf pro’s like Ken Duke and members of his Country Clubs he belongs to and lives in beautiful Boca Raton, Fl.